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Oct. 14th, 2011

Supreme Court of the United States Defines Personhood

New flash fiction:

SCOTUS Defines Personhood

In an expected decision today, the United States Supreme Court reaffirmed its definition of Corporations as persons, and redefined organic beings as unpersons.

I wrote this story, in a fury, on July 4, 2011. The date is probably not coincidental.


Feb. 9th, 2011


Anybody here? I've been awfully neglectful of LJ.

I put Starfarers up for free at Book View Cafe.


You have to log in as a guest of Starfarers, just because it's easier to handle the subscription that way:

Username: StarfarersGuest

Password Starfarers!Guest

Note that the password includes a ! and that it's case-sensitive.

Log in, click on the Your Subscriptions line of the user menu, et viola et double bass.

All the formats are drm-free. I just ask you not to pass the copy around or upload it to another website. Instead, if you know someone who would like a copy, send them to the BVC eBookstore.

There's also a link to the BVC blog where I got to relate the story of the evolution of Starfarers ("The best sf tv show never made").


Jul. 11th, 2010

Summer Book Sale

All my Basement Full of Books mint hardcovers are on sale for summer reading. Check out http://vondanmcintyre.com/BFoB.html

In other news, I'm participating in the Clarion West Write-a-Thon. Yesterday was the halfway point. I've been keeping track of my progress on Twitter. Several other Book View Cafe members are participating in the Clarion West or Clarion UCSD Write-a-Thons and you can sponsor one of us if you like -- all the sponsorship money goes to benefit the workshops. Check out the Write-a-Thon page at BVC.


May. 30th, 2010

Ebooks at Book View Cafe

I'm putting my backlist up at Book View Cafe, both in ebook form and as free serials. So far the site has Dreamsnake, The Moon and the Sun, Superluminal, and the Starfarers Quartet (Starfarers, Transition, Metaphase, Nautilus). You can find the ebooks on my BVC Bookshelf and the serials in my Novels section.

Dreamsnake, by Vonda N. McIntyre. Cover image courtesy Tanith TyrrThe Moon and the Sun, by Vonda N. McIntyre. Cover courtesy Kenneth EstesSuperluminal, by Vonda N. McIntyre.

Nov. 3rd, 2009

Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls

Recently I've been presenting some of my backlist in electronic form at Book View Cafe, both serialized for free and for sale in ebook form.

This week, Book View Press released its first anthology of original and classic short sf stories, Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls. It includes my story "Steelcollar Worker."

We're pretty excited about the book.

More info at the Book View Cafe website.


Oct. 20th, 2009

Ursula K. Le Guin's 80th birthday

Today (21 October 2009) is the 80th birthday of Ursula K. Le Guin.


Pass it on!


Oct. 5th, 2009

Winter Solstice Ritual in Dream for Jeanne auction

The benefit auction for Jeanne Robinson is heating up: On the block, one copy of A Winter Solstice Ritual from the Pacific Northwest, by Ursula K. Le Guin and Vonda N. McIntyre, signed by both authors. A chapbook from Ygor & Buntho Make Books Press.



See the "Other Items" link for more Dream for Jeanne auctions.


Sep. 22nd, 2009

Snarky blog post

Over at Book View Cafe, I posted a rather snarky essay, "Hunting the wily cover blurb."

It's a little risky to write something like this, because people are bound to misread it. What a rotten person I must be, not to be willing to read new writers and help them out. Didn't established writers help you out when you were a pup?

They did.

I do too.

(I just finished reading a first novel by a new writer, which I thoroughly enjoyed; I'm trying to think up a scintillating blurb so the editor won't write back and say, "Can't you pump it up a little?" which is what usually happens. I'm just not enough of an SFX kinda girl to satisfy the current fashion for Spitzensparken! and Blinkenlitzen! I guess. And then there was the editor who solicited me for a blurb, then went out of the way to tell me they weren't going to use it because they didn't want the book infected with sci fi cooties. I would much have preferred a diplomatic silence.)

I hope most of the folks who read "In search of..." will notice that what I objected to, even beyond the mail-merge aspect of the email requesting my blurbage, was the writer's shining me on about being my biggest fan. It was clear from context (not to mention the fact that at least a dozen other writers got the exact same email) that he's never read a word I ever wrote. In fact he probably never even heard of me; he likely scoured SF author websites for loose email addresses and sent a copy of the email off to every single one of them.


Sep. 20th, 2009


Superluminal the eBookSuperluminal has debuted at Book View Cafe in ebook form and as a free serial: See my BVC Novels page for information. For a short time, anyone who buys a copy of the hardcover of Superluminal from Basement Full of Books may request a free copy of the ebook edition, in the format of their choice (within reason and my technical ability to create it).

The auction for the limited numbered boxed edition of Superluminal is heating up at the Jeanne Robinson benefit.

So is the auction for a copy of Fireflood & Other Stories.

This is kind of keen. Sometimes you give stuff to a benefit and it makes the good cause some money; sometimes it just lies there like a lump.

I hope the world is treating everybody well.
-- Vonda

May. 5th, 2009

72-hour film competition

Klein bottle -- Photo by Carolyn McIntyreI posted production notes on the Tacoma 72-hour film competition at the Book View Cafe blog. I wrote the script (in three hours, midnight to 3:00 a.m. Friday) for Kat Ogden, who produced and directed.

It was a lot of fun. Yesterday and today in Seattle the weather was quite monsoonish. I'm glad it held off -- Saturday in Tacoma, when we did most of the outdoor filming, was chilly and damp; it would have been miserable if it had been storming. Of course Friday (when we prepped) was beautiful, and Sunday (when we filmed in a garage and in a basement) it was also beautiful.


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